Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about our door and window repair work.

  •  Where are you located?

    We are located in south Birmingham in the Longbridge and Northfield area, and cover the south of Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

  •  I have heard of a system that “washes” the inside of the glass to fix it. Do you do that?

    To us, this system has drawbacks. A hole is drilled into one of the misted glass panes to drain the window condensation, and a chemical wash sprayed in and then drained and the holes partially plugged. This means you will lose some thermal efficiency.We believe that a sealed unit should be as it was designed- a sealed unit, not a unit with two vents.

    And toughened glass, such as is in doors, cannot be drilled.

    So misted windows needing repair are best replaced

  •  Can you give me an idea of pricing?

    Our prices start at £45 installed, depending on what is wanted-a misted or cracked double glazed window replacement pane, a window lock, handle or hinges, door locks or door adjustments, or patio door wheels.

    If there are a number of window panes to be replaced then a discount will be applied on the single pane price. We will always be straight about pricing, that is our promise

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept Bank Transfer (BACS), credit or debit card, cash, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and cheques

  • What is your guarantee?

    Our glass is guaranteed for 5 years against misting.

    Window hinges, window handles and window locks have a one year guarantee.

    Door locks and adjustments and patio door wheels are guaranteed for a year.

  •  What is the procedure if I want to use you?

    For replacement of misted or fogged double glazed window panes, if you will give us the rough sizes, we will give you a rough quote over the phone, or by email or text. If you are happy with the quote, we will send someone out to measure and confirm the price. We prefer to put the quote in writing.  We then strive to carry out the work in the agreed time frame.

    If it is for a window hinge, handle or lock replacement, or door adjustments or door locks, we will give you a quote over the phone. If you are happy with the quote, we will come out and do the repair work.

  •  What is the time from order to installation?

    For misted or broken double glazed glass window replacement it is usually one to two weeks. For other work we try to complete it within 10 days of your agreement for us to do the work, and usually within a few days.

    Emergency work is carried out the same day or the next.

  •  How long does it take to repair the door or window?

    This is always difficult to define, but at least an hour, and often longer.

  •  Are you insured?

    Yes, we are insured. A copy of our insurance certificate can be shown upon request.

  •  What if you find out that the window is beyond repair?

    It is rare, but occasionally we start a job and realise that the window or door is non-repairable. You will not be liable for any product we have ordered to repair it. We will be happy to recommend a course of action. If the window or door does need to be replaced, we can recommend an installer or you can use your own, as we do not install new windows or doors.

  •  Will you fit it if I buy it?

    We only supply and fit so we can maintain our guarantees.

  •  Can I change the style of my windows?

    Yes, we can upgrade your double glazed window panes to ‘A’ rated thermally efficient glass panes, we can change your window to leaded or Georgian bars, or put in plain glass if you want that instead.

  •  Can I call and talk with you before I decide to have you come out?

    Of course! We are friendly and happy to discuss your needs.

  •  What areas do you cover?

    Most of Birmingham as well as Redditch, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Hollywood, Barnt Green, Lickey, and Hopwood area. If you are further away , call us, describe the door or window problem, and we’ll give you a quote over the phone.

  •  How do you use my contact information?

    We only use your contact information to contact you. We do not sell it to anyone,  and we don’t spam.