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Blown or Misted Windows

Misted or blown double glazing window pane unit replacement. Contact us on the form below and read about misted windows below.

BCS Window Repair blown window

Double Glazing Repairs

Window draughty or not closing? It could be locks or hinges. Is your door difficult to lock, or catching the frame? Contact us below.


About Our Company

Repairing double glazing in Birmingham since 2008 by replacing defective items instead of installing new double glazing.

Repairs for Double Glazing

BCS Window Repair

BCS repairs for double glazing

So you are looking for repairs for double glazing.

And you need someone to repair your double glazing?

We are a small, family business based in south Birmingham, and we also cover the surrounding areas.

Our company delivers a personal, professional service for homeowners and businesses with competitive prices on all double glazing repairs.

We believe that our 16 years experience in double glazing will help us to find a quality fix for your windows and doors.

Our customers are always happy to recommend us.

We have liability insurance and offer a guarantee on all our replacement products.

So please contact us if you need any of the following double glazing repairs:

  • Misted or blown sealed double glazed units replacement
  • Replacement window hinges
  • Window and door locks and handles
  • Tilt & turn window repair
  • Tilt & turn window realignment
  • Window draughts/leaks
  • All Upvc window repairs

You can see our 5* reviews at Yell.com and Google

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What double glazing repairs do you need?

It could be that you need the glass replaced, or the hinges or locks replaced.

We can usually complete the repair in one visit if it involves locks or hinges. The process takes about an hour, and the cost varies from £65 to £115, depending on size and type.

If you need a replacement double glazed window unit, we need to come out and measure and then order it, and about a week later install it. That generally takes about an hour.

Send a text or WhatsApp or fill out the contact form above with some details, and we will give you a quote. If you send photos on WhatApp that will help.

Misted windows

A common problem for double glazed windows is mist or condensation between the panes of glass.

When your existing window or door frames are in working order and only the glass unit needs repair, replacement double glazed units are necessary. Your glass could have cracked, or your units might mist and develop condensation between the individual glass panes. When one pane of your existing double glazing breaks while the other remains intact, you also require it.

Compared to replacing your entire window, replacing your glazed or glass units offers a very affordable option.

Upgrade your window’s thermal efficiency

This is the part where we can turn this into a real plus. Just because your original windows have glass technology from many years ago, doesn’t mean your new glass units should!

If you desire, we can manufacture the new glass units to match the dimensions of your old ones, but with upgraded thermal properties.

Let’s talk cost

We replace a lot of double-glazed window units with blown seals, and you are no doubt wondering how much it will cost.

To give you an idea of cost, the installed price starts at £90 for a clear standard glass double glazed pane in a smaller window.

If it needs to be toughened or safety glass, or what is called Low E glass such as Pilkington K, that may increase the cost.

And larger sizes are obviously more.

We do not add VAT to the price we give you.

There are other factors besides the size and type of glass, but these should give you a general idea of cost.

You can send us the approximate sizes and we can give you a rough quote. Then you will see that it costs much less to replace double glazing panes than have a whole new window.

We come out to you and measure your window and provide you with an accurate cost and time scale for completing the job. Once we have the glass unit we then return to your home to fit the replacement glass. 

If you need fogged or misted double glazed window pane replacement, or draughty windows or windows that won’t open, or perhaps stay shut, then please look at this misted window page.

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