Misted Double Glazed Window Replacement

Blown double glazed window replacement panes
Blown Double Glazed Window Replacement

A lot of our repairs for double glazing are misted double glazed window pane replacement.

If you believe your double glazed windows need replacement because the window seals are gone and the windows are misted with condensation on the inside, between the two panes of glass, please contact us!”

If you send us the approximate sizes we can give you an idea of cost.

It is a lot less money to replace only the double glazed glass unit than it is to have a new window.

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What is involved in making replacement double glazed window panes?

This brief video shows the process of making a replacement double glazed window unit.

This brief video shows the process of making a replacement double glazed window unit

We also repair doors locks and adjust doors.

What Causes Blown or Misted Double Glazed Windows?

Windows mist or get full of water or condensation for a variety of reasons, this could be age related, poor installation, or due to weather.

Age of the Sealed Double Glazed Units Can Cause Misted or Blown Windows

The age of the double glazing can be a factor.

As the windows get older, the seals can break down. This lets moisture get into what was once a sealed unit and causes the glass tp mist.

This seems to be a factor in about 10% of the double glazed window panes we replace.

Installation of the Double Glazing Can Cause Misted Windows

The original installation could have been flawed.

Bad installation can let the two panes of glass move. This breaks the seal and causes condensation or misted double glazing.

Or it could be a screw has come up from the frame into the sealant, breaking it, and then you have to deal with the window condensation.

This seems to be a factor in about 60% of the blown replacement window panes.

Weather Can Cause Misted Double Glazing Glass to Fail

Another thing that can cause failure is weather. Hot spells can break down the sealed glass unit. For instance, a south facing side of the house has much more expansion and contraction of the sealed units than the north facing side of the house.

This expansion causes the seal to fail on double glazing, it breaks down and your windows fog or mist.

Again, this seems to be a factor in about 30% of the blown double glazed windows we replace.

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How Can We Help? Sealed Double Glazed Glass Unit Replacement!

We can replace the misted double glazed glass pane with new glass units and take away the old ones.

If you have rough measurements of the double glazed pane, we can give you a quote. Just send them to us via WhatsApp or the contact form.

Also, if you use our WhatsApp, you are also welcome to send a photo showing the blown window in relation to the wall.

We do not use your measurements to order the replacement glass, it is only to give you an idea of cost.

Then, if the quote is acceptable, we will then come out and get accurate measurements and confirm the cost and get your approval before ordering.

Will the misted glass pane problem go away if left, or do I need to do something about it?

If left alone, the misting may well come and go for a time, depending on the humidity. However, the double glazed pane is now defective, and we need to replace it with a new double glazed paneOtherwise, it will just get worse over time.

The whole window does not need replacing. Only the blown double glazed unit with the condensation needs replacing.

What to Keep In Mind About the Quote

Please keep in mind that there are things that can affect the cost.

For instance, there is a cost difference between clear standard glass, and glass that needs to be safety glass, or that has a type of leading, or Georgian bars, or is obscure glass, like found in many bathrooms. If you know your glass is one of these, just mention it. Otherwise we will get a replacement glass quote in standard clear glass, and confirm the type of replacement glass needed after a home visit.

Why not email us for a no obligation quote for your misted double glazed window pane replacement by using our Contact Form?

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