UPVC Double Glazed Door Repair

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Repairs for double glazed door

You are probably looking at this page because you are having aluminium or upvc door problems, and are wondering if a door repair is the answer.

Most door problems can be repaired. So if you are having problems such as your door having difficulty closing or opening, or if it is catching when closed, it is usually repairable.

If you are not sure if your door needs adjustment or a more involved door repair, try the following.

There is a test you can do to see if it is the door needing adjustment, or if it is the cylinder or internal lock that needs replacing.

Here is the test:

If, when the door is physically open, can you turn the key and lock it? And then, when it is shut, you cannot lock it? Or can only lock it by lifting it etc? Then the door needs adjustment.

If, when the door is open, can you not get it to lock? Then it is probably the cylinder lock or the internal door lock that neds replacing. Give us a call if you would like us to repair your door.

We stock most items needed for door repair.

We work on both upvc and aluminium doors.

If you have photos it can help, just use the ‘WhatsApp’ button. Or if you just want an idea of cost, use the contact form, and we will give you a quote.

If you need fogged or misted double glazed window pane replacement, or you have draughty windows, or windows that won’t open, or perhaps stay shut, then please click on the link to with the blown window pane repair page or the repairs for double glazed windows at the top.

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