Double Glazed Window Repairs

Double glazed window repairs can be done by replacing the defective item, such as broken window hinges and locks

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Broken window hinges

My problem is that the window is draughty.

If you have a draught around the opening window when closed, it may be that the window repair needed is a new set of hinges.

We can replace window hinges.

How can you tell if that is the window repair you need?

If, in the corner of the window on the side opposite the handle, you see a gap in one or both of the corners, or it there is a ‘jump’ when you shut the window, then that is most likely failed window hinges.

Give us a call or email and we will give you an idea of cost.

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Broken window locks and handles

My window won’t open, or it won’t stay shut

In that case, the window repairs needed are either the window handle or the window lock that needs replacing.

If it is the handle needing replacing, how comfortable are you with DIY?

In some cases, a handle can be a DIY job, and most hardware stores have them in stock. There are a few different types of handles, and different lengths of splines, but if you are handy you can at least take the window handle off and see if that is the problem.

If the window handle seems okay, then it is the window lock, and that needs replacing.

But if you are not comfortable with any of that yourself, give us a call and we’ll come out and take care of it.

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Birmingham Double Glazed Window Repair and Glass replacement

What about misted glass?

So if the window condensation is in between the two panes, then the seal around the edge of the double glazing on the window has failed.

So that is why the glass has misted and is full of water or condensation.

The window repair needed is replacing the double glazed pane.

For more information, please see what we have to sayat this page about blown double glazed window pane replacement.

So to sum up, the most common window repair is hinges and locks

  • Misted or blown double glazed window panes needing replacement
  • Broken or cracked double glazed panes needing replacement
  • Window lock replacement
  • Window hinge replacement
  • Draughty windows are usually caused by faulty hinges, so the hinges are replaced
  • We can replace window handles, although it is sometimes not a difficult DIY job as long as you get the correct spline length and type of window handle

Other double glazed items we can repair are:

  • Tilt and turn upvc and aluminium windows repair
  • We do some Velfac window and door repairs
  • We replace sash window cords or ropes
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Repaired window hinges and locks

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